Dawg's Day

Dawg's Day is a generative set of 5,555 NFTs deployed on the Ethereum blockchain with an ERC721A contract. The project is a true utility NFT backed by real world brands owned by the project creator. We have a lot of plans to involve the community directly with the brands, and we're excited to have you with us.

Our goal is to build an eclectic community centered around remote-work, self-improvement, and work-life balance. We'll be leaking small bits periodically until the grand reveal after we reach mint 3,333.



Launch Preparation


Project Mint


Milestone 3,333



Project creator is publicly doxed through doxd.io.

The rest of the team is fluid and will evolve over the life of the project. This is intentional and more will be revealed in later phases of the project.


The mint date is currently under discussion. More details will be available in the near future.

This project aims to improve the lives of all community members. This will be achieved by connecting the community members with Web2 brands centered around self-improvement and work-life balance. The entire holder community will have the opportunity to be involved with the brands, and we hope to onboard some members as paid staff.

We have a lot to share but are operating in stealth until initial 3,333 mint target has been reached.

There will be a total of 5,555 generative art NFTs on the Ethereum network.

The public mint price is subject to change based on Ethereum market conditions. We are currently expecting Allow-list mint price to be 0.025 ETH and public at 0.035 Ethereum.

Yes! You will have full ownership and intellectual property rights of your NFTs for as long as you own them. This will apply to both minted and secondary sales purchases. There will be an official conveyance document released in the future.